"Christians can't just think outside the box, we need to figure out how to use the box too."
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"Have you ever realized that you can give things to God that are of value to Him? Or are you just sitting around daydreaming about the greatness of His redemption, while neglecting all the things you could be doing for Him? I’m not referring to works which could be regarded as divine and miraculous, but ordinary, simple human things - things which would be evidence to God that you are totally surrendered to Him". - Oswald Chambers
Meet some of our gifted team of collaborators
This Jeff Hauser, he has been a "jack of all trades" for his 30 years as a Christian.
His passion is helping people find their call in Christ and strengthening the body of Christ.
His areas of service are: developing non-profits, volunteer development, Christian apologetics and mission focus.
Say "HI" to Wade and Jennifer Burleigh, These two have traveled the nation logging about 200 churches a year. A little older so a little more time at home. But a huge amount of experience. They specialize in Road/Tour life, Marriage life on the road, Ministry and the arts and living the "real" life.
Meet Betty Jo Hauser
BettyJo is a farmgirl and adventurer. Betty Jo was privileged to travel most of the U.S. in her life so far, and finds something she likes most anywhere. Skilled in camping (roughing it or modern), random knowledge about many nature topics, sign language, teaching, working with people (specializes with special needs individuals), and making anyplace feel like home. Betty Jo is a support and encourager to many who meet her. She can listen and help you to identify your goals, then put them to use!
Betty Jo is a Christian wife and mother, who has kept order in her travelling family of eight (6 kids + Dad and Mom). She has been an advisor and signer, as well as co-founder of Hands In Motion Sign Language Ministry, and had the role of partnership development in REALFest, a music festival designed to raise awareness of foster care and adoption needs. Betty Jo has thirty years of experience working with people who have special needs in various settings. She recently completed her Bachelors degree in educational studies (include website), and is pursuing a Masters degree in leadership and management. Betty Jo’s skills and expertise lie in the areas of organizational planning, collaborative work, writing, education, disabilities, and proficiency in sign language.
Mission Statement
REAL provides support to innovators and dreamers in building their dreams to impact their communities.

Vision Statement
Seeing Christ glorified as we bring new ministries into existence,we are Really Effecting Another’s Life through serving, educating, and meeting the needs of people. Life is REAL.

How did we get here?
REAL (Really Effecting Another’s Life) came from a life orientation to serve others. Jeff and Betty Jo Hauser worked continually throughout their life together in ways that served others. Early in their marriage they developed Hands In Motion (web link to H.I.M.) when they were at a Christian music festival on vacation and saw a couple people who needed a sign language interpreter. BJ knew some sign, and helped them out to the best of her (limited) ability. In those early years, we did not have anyone telling us how to build a ministry, in fact we didn’t even see it as that. We simply found a way using the skills and ability we had, to help out someone else. No one told us how to become a nonprofit, how to reach out to the Deaf community, or how to find the best way to isolate the vocals in the middle of really loud music. Thankfully, someone saw what we were doing and told us it was a ministry, or we might have missed that too!
After years of just doing what we were called to do, and meeting others who were doing similar things, we determined that an organization that can share the experience and wisdom we have learned along the road, may help others to continue in this path, finding their passions and using them to better the life of someone else. Drawing from the experience (over 80+ years ministry) and talent of the people who have inspired us, we collectively offer these helps to others.